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Manchester DBQ - 1490 Words

When Manchester first built its big mechanized cotton machine, it became the leading textile manufacturing city in the whole world. Much of its population in 1850s was made up with the working class and immigrants from parts of Britain and even Europe. In 1851, it was granted a royal charter after Queen Victorias visit. The Reform Bill granted Manchester representation in parliament and middle-classmen the right to vote. All this was due to the exponential growth of Manchester during the Industrial Revolution. According to the Encarta World English Dictionary, Industrial Revolution was the period when U.K. went through social and economic changes that involved widespread adoption of industrial methods of production. The specialization of†¦show more content†¦They spend 12 to 14 hours each day shut up in a low-ceiling rooms they are all sickly and emaciated, their bodies thin and frail, their limbs feeble, their complexions pale, their eyes dead. This is the horror that Flora Tristan witnessed; people were working more than half a day with no food, clothes, and the working conditions were full of toxic air and other harmful substances. Her standpoint in this statement can be said as being non-biased as she is a socialist and thus, she cares (Doc. 7). People reacted violently to these conditions, which forced the government to pass the Ten Hours Act, which limited the number of hours a worker could work to ten hours a day. This resulted in better condition of the workers. William Abram, a journalist and historian, noticed, the condition of the factory laborers has been vastly improved (Doc. 10). This shows the result of the reaction of the people. The point of view of William Abram is factual and accurate as he is a journalist and a historian, and his work is to provide people with the truth. As witnessed by Frances Kemble, actress, poet, and dramatist, people were [s]houting No Corn Laws when she arrived in Manchester during the inaugural of railway. Th is shows the reaction to the wages that workers got before some reforms in Manchester (Doc. 4). Document 10 also states that the [w]ages thanksShow MoreRelated2002 Ap Euro Dbq: Manchester Essay1067 Words   |  5 PagesThe Effects of Industrialization on Manchester, England 1750-1850 England in the 18th and 19th centuries changed dramatically as a result of the Industrial Revolution, which had many effects on the social structure of England and increased the gap between the rich and the poor. Because of this, industrialized English towns such as Manchester were both criticized and admired by poets, politicians, journalists, and outsiders, who were particularly from France. The most powerful points of view wereRead MoreEssay about Manchester Dbq Ap Euro908 Words   |  4 PagesDuring the nineteenth century, Manchester became one of the most industrialized cities in the world. Although the industrialization of Manchester was very efficient and successful for the modernization of man, the city’s growth also raised many issues in society. The growth of the city had negative and positive effects. Although the huge population growth in Manchester in the 1800s, delighted many people, for they though this had led to advances in manufacturing and other industries -the increaseRead Moreindustrialization dbq1447 Words   |  6 Pages Industrialization DBQ Q: Identify the issues raised by the growth of Manchester and analyze the various reactions to those issues over the course of the nineteenth century. __________________________________________________ The spread of industrialization rapidly altered and changed the city of Manchester during the nineteenth century. Of course there were positive effects that stemmed from this, but negative effects due to the growth of industrializationRead MoreJust Whatever1974 Words   |  8 PagesA P European History Test Prep DBQ Free Response Questions For DBQ’s Always: 1. Provide an appropriate, explicitly stated thesis that directly addresses all parts of the question and does NOT simply restate the question. 2. Discuss a majority of the documents individually and specifically. 3. Demonstrate understanding of the basic meaning of a majority of the documents. 4. Support the thesis with appropriate interpretations of a majority of the documents. 5. Analyze point of view or bias in atRead MorePositive and Negative Effects of Industrial Revolution Essay1043 Words   |  5 PagesDBQ- Positive and Negative Effects of Industrial Revolution The Industrial Revolution began in England in the late 1700’s. The Industrial Revolution was a time of new inventions, products, and methods of work. The results of the Industrial Revolution led to many short and long-term positive and negative effects. These results have been assessed from many viewpoints such as the factory workers, the factory owners, the government, and other people who observed the conditions in industrial cities

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Polygamy A Socially Sanctioned Marriage - 1234 Words

Marriage is a publicly sanctioned union between two or more individuals. Marriage can be defined by how many people are involved, their sex and the roles they carry on. Polygamy is a well-known type of marriage and can be found in today’s society. Polygamy is a culturally sanctioned marriage involving more than two people. Most Americans today are used to monogamy, which is believed to be the traditional form of marriage between two individuals. Many Americans think that the majority of marriages practice monogamy but, studies show that polygamy outnumber monogamous cultures, therefore there are more marriages that practice polygamy than monogamy (Grabianowski). Polygamy can differ in many different cultures. In the Islamic tradition a†¦show more content†¦For example, Oprah did an interview with a wife in a polygamist relationship, in the interview Valerie stated, We have had jealousies and there have been those times and we can t sugarcoat it and say that, Oh, it s so perfect and we love it and we love everyone. You know, we all have our hard times just like any other people†¦ We have a really good system where we work together with one another† (Ling). This shows that jealousy plays a huge role in polygamist marriages. To avoid complications many polygamist families, create a schedule to regulate which nights the husband sleeps and spends time with each wife. A polygamous family can create and unusual environment for children to be raised in. It could influence them to be in a polygamous relationship as well as expect men to be dominate in their future relationship. Being raised in a polygamous family can also create insecurities and conflict with females as they are exposed to it daily from their mothers. Polygamy in the United States is illegal in all states including Utah where most polygamists are located. â€Å"Few polygamists try to legally marry more than one wife. They may marry other wives in church ceremonies, but no marriage license exists† (Grabianowski). Because of the strict laws against polygamy, polygamist make sure that they do not officially marry more than one wife at a time. They usually marry and then divorce all but one wife and continue living and sleeping with them all. In the interview withShow MoreRelatedIslam Is A Religion Based On The Interpretation And Application Of Fundamental Scriptures2330 Words   |  10 Pagestheir movement by highlighting their rights and freedoms within Islamic scripture. They opened the gates of ijtihad to reevaluate scripture pertaining to their rights in a marriage free from the nuisances of male scholars. Religious tools in extracting knowledge within the folds of Islam allowed women to challenge existing marriage norms and gender roles based in culture and accommodate to modernity by reinterpreting Islamic scripture through a feminist lens. Islam is a religion that has transformedRead MoreReligious Arbitration : Australia And Canada2958 Words   |  12 Pageslaws in Canada. Around then, there is another concern of Sharia law in Ontario, which is the potential abuse of ladies rights associated with the Islamic convention. One of the predominant issues in question was polygamy. The finding as to polygamy and Islamic law shows that polygamy can be limited and even disallowed without abusing the Qur an. These revelations of Sharia law are most valuable for the Ontario government on the off chance that they are willing to return to the issue of religiousRead MoreMarriage Pattern of the Gbandi Tribe3370 Words   |  14 Pageswestern marriage. I BENEDICT S. KPEHE belong to this tribe. Here in I will discuss the mate selection and marriage pattern of tribal group in Liberia taking the Gbandi tribe as case study. Marriage,  in the Gbandi tribe and any other tribal group in Liberia is socially  recognized and approved union between individuals, who commit to one another with the expectation of a stable and lasting intimate relationship. It begins with a ceremony known as a wedding, which formally unites the marriage partnersRead MoreMarrige and Divorce11102 Words   |  45 Pagestopic of our study is â€Å"Marriage and Divorce†. In this term paper we have gone through different articles, journals and research papers. 1.2 Objectives of the Study The principle objective of the study is to know the effect of divorce in the children. The specific objectives of the study are as follows: 1. To assess of marriage in our society. 2. Effect of marriage in the society. 3. To investigate divorce cases to find out the reason behind this. 4. Effect of marriage in the children. 1.3Read MoreMarriage Is The Foundation Of A Civilized Society Essay3333 Words   |  14 PagesMarriage is the foundation of a civilized society. The relation once formed, the law step in and binds the parties to various obligations and liabilities arising therefrom. Marriage is an institution in the maintenance of which the public is very interested. It is the foundation of the family and in turn society, without which no civilization can exist. A marriage celebrated, whether before or after the commencement of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 (Act) cannot be dissolved by a decree of divorceRead MoreUcsb Human Sex Soc 152a Final Study Guide4110 Words   |  17 Pagessex 3. Demographically affect sexual attitudes a. Sex, age, education, region, race/ethnicity, religion (read on pg. 198-200) Americans’ Attitudes Have Changed Over Time 1. Decline in percent of population who thinks sex before marriage is always wrong 2. Public opinion towards extramarital sex sex has become more negative Casual Sex Has More Appeal to Men than to Woman 1. M more likely to consider one night stands morally acceptable 2. Hooking up – the new normRead MoreCustomary Law7483 Words   |  30 Pagescertain regions precisely Yoruba, Igbo, and Hausa. â€Å"Customary law is rooted in the history, tradition and culture of the people that sometimes it is interchangeably used with custom†. a) Land holding in various parts of Nigeria. b) Inheritance. c) Marriage. A. LAND HOLDING The case of land holding is one of the cruxes in which local government through bye-laws and traditional rulers through customary laws have been made to resent each other the most. This is as a result of the inconsistent provisionsRead MoreSocial Institution3293 Words   |  14 PagesCharacteristics †¢ Purposive †¢ Relatively permanent in their content †¢ Structured †¢ A unified structure †¢ Necessarily value-laden An institution is a relatively permanent structure of social patterns, roles, and relations that people enact in certain sanctioned and unified ways for the purpose of satisfying basic social needs. Functions †¢ Simplify social behaviors for the individual person †¢ Provide ready-made forms of social relations and social roles for the individual †¢ Act as agencies of coordinationRead MoreEarly Marriage9846 Words   |  40 PagesEarly Marriage in South Asia A DISCUSSION PAPER Contents INTRODUCTION 2 THE PREVALENCE OF EARLY MARRIAGE 3 CAUSES OF EARLY MARRIAGE 5 CONSEQUENCES OF EARLY MARRIAGE 8 RESPONSES TO EARLY MARRIAGE OF CHILDREN 16 Introduction Early marriage affects millions of children through the world. It is widely practiced in the countries of South Asia where every year millions of girls-preteens and teens- become the wives of older men. Young girls are marriedRead MoreMarriage12231 Words   |  49 PagesAND ITS BACKGROUND INTRODUCTION Marriage is one of the deepest and most complex involvements of human relationships. It is a corner stone of society and a very necessary part of the social system. It is a crucial and sacred bond between two personalities merging into one for ideas, attitudes, habits and likes and dislikes. In Philippines marriage is considered a lifelong partnership. It is the foundation stone on which the family is built. Basically marriage is a social and legal contract. People

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Film Reveiew †American Beauty Free Essays

I chose this film due to its difference to conventional filmmaking, as instead of glorifying the main characters, the area and plot, it shows fault and illustrates the main characters as sad and unhappy. I chose to do this review on the opening minutes of the film describing in detail the camera shots and plot, as it would seem to the viewer watching for the first time. The opening scene is a medium shot of the main character’s daughter lying on a bed talking. We will write a custom essay sample on Film Reveiew – American Beauty or any similar topic only for you Order Now The screen is fuzzy, to give the impression of looking through a video camera. The daughter is talking to someone behind the camera, giving the impression of talking to the viewer or audience. She is talking about how much she dislikes and hates her father (Lester, the main character). This gives the impression of watching a personal film and the viewer is involved, as it appears at first that the character is talking to the audience until the hidden person filming speaks. The scene ends when the character behind the camera offers to kill the girl’s father. The screen goes blank and the film title appears in medium red print on a black background, central to the screen. This sudden change from shot is to represent the plot to end a life, as the transition to a blank black screen. The next shot after the title is a top shot of a typical suburban American street on a slow zoom in towards the road. There is a narrative, male voice over of the main character Lester, describing his death. This would appear to fit with the previous scene of the daughter talking about murdering her father This creates a feeling of curiosity and suspense throughout the film, for the viewer, who is waiting to see what could have created such a gap between father and daughter. This effect of giving away the ending in the first scene is very effective in creating constant suspense throughout the film up to the dramatic climax. It has been used in many films and plays including William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet. Gradually when the camera zooms in the shot switches to a bird’s eye view of the main character lying in his bed, alone. This first shot of him shows him as lonely or incomplete even though he has a family. The camera then changes to a close up of his face, which appears sad and disorientated, further showing his dislike for his current lifestyle. There is then a jump cut to a pair of slippers on the floor next to the bed, being filmed from under the bed. This shot represents an ordered and scheduled lifestyle as the slippers must have been placed neatly next to the bed the previous night. The next frame switches to a medium long shot of the main character (Lester) masturbating in the shower. The effect of this is to shock the audience yet at the same time inspire pity at his frustrated and dull life as he continues to narrate over the film about himself, showing little embarrassment. The next scene is a close up of a Rose flower, which is then cut from the plant by a pair of pruning sheers. The Rose is constantly seen throughout the film, as well as rose petals, however rarely alive. They are usually in vases or on show. The roses, I feel, represent the lifestyle of the family. The rose looks perfect and appears very beautiful however it is dead. The family are similar, as they appear to have everything most people want, their health, nice house, money yet they are not happy. The roses are a constant theme throughout the film, I feel to remind us of the families unhappiness. The next frame sees the camera switch to a medium long shot of Carolyn (the main character’s wife) holding the freshly cut rose in her hand. This shot represents that she too was once alive but is now dying inside like the rose. All in all I found this film extremely interesting and thought provoking, I would recommend it to anybody who enjoys twisting plots, amazing acting and some of the most brilliant (and strange) characters in modern day cinema. The slow unravelling of the plot keeps you guessing until the very end of the film, as well as challenging modern day society and depicting modern day family life and the hypocrisy of Suburban America. How to cite Film Reveiew – American Beauty, Papers

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Analysis of Investment Proposition on Cochlear Limited

Question: Discuss about theAnalysis of Investment Proposition on Cochlear Limited. Answer: Introduction Cochlear Limited is a biotechnology-based company with listings in the Australian Securities Exchange and global operations in all five continents. CEO Chris Smith heads the company with its board of directors headed by Chairman Rick Holiday-Smith ( 2016). Cochlear Limited provides hearing solutions through its implantable surgical and non-surgical hearing products. The company has extensive sets of patents and applications numbering over 1000 upon hearing aid and sound processing technology. The companys major manufacturing base is located in Australia and Sweden while supplies and distribution chains in over 100 countries with its headquarters located in Sydney ( 2016). The companys global operations are mainly segmented onto three different sets of geographical areas comprising of Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Americas (both North America and Latin America) and Asia Pacific. The company generated a revenue of A$ 925 million for the financial peri od ended 31.12.2016 ( 2016). Product Line of Cochlear: The company provides solutions ranging from minimal degree of hearing constraints to sensory-neural hearing loss. Its primary products comprises of cochlear implants, bone conduction implants and acoustic implant solutions. In terms of its products that are to be surgically implanted, Nuclear 6 is of primary significance owing to its ability to restore hear-ability in cases of complete hearing loss in both ears. The Cochlear Hybrid offered by the company provides hearing solutions for people unable to hear high frequency sounds through providing simulations using electronic synapses. The Hybrid processor offered by Cochlear assimilates and synthesizes external sounds and converts them into electrical and acoustics outputs for the patients ears. The company develops the Cochlear Baha by taking into account people with high quantum of conductive hearing loss and one-sided deafness. Baha comprises of titanium hearing aids that are implanted surgically at the back of patients ears (Bloom 2016). Financial Analysis and Forecasts: In terms of revenue generation, the company has displayed steady growth over the past four financial periods with reported revenues of A$ 752.72 million for 2012-13, A$ 804.94 million for 2013-14, A$ 925.63 million for 2014-15 ( 2016).The revenues for the period 2015-16 was to the tune of A$ 1.13 billion. The revenues generated in the current year displayed a increase of 22.14% over the past year, thereby highlighting efficient sales management and product pricing strategy. The forecasted revenues for the years 2017 and 2018 stands at 1.244 billion and 1.37 billion respectively at the average growth rate of 10.17%. Figure 1: Current and Prospective Revenues of Cochlear Limited (Source: 2016) The beta of a particular stock showcases the degree of volatility that the stock experiences as compared to prevalent market volatility. A beta that equals 1 displays same degree of risks as experienced by the market whereas a beta that is lower that 1 shows lesser degree of volatility and therefore is less susceptible to financial risks. On the other hand, a beta that is above 1 shows a high degree of volatility coupled with high prospects of returns. Figure 2: Stock price volatility between June 2016 and October 2016 (Source: 2016) Cochlear limited has a beta of 1.2, which specifies the fact that in case the financial markets raises by a margin of 100, the stocks of Cochlear will rise by 120. This also reiterates the fact that a fall in the market by margin of 100 will result in shares of Cochlear falling by 120 points. For investors that are seeking to earn high degree of returns, Cochlear presents prospective investments. Whereas in case of risk averse investors, including Cochlear in their investment portfolio may result in increasing the levels of portfolio risk The company has a market capitalization of A$ 7.234 billion as of October, 2016 with the total number of shares outstanding at 57.42 million. The company has an Altman Z Score of 2.989, thereby leading to an inference that the company is unlikely to be filing for bankruptcy in the near future based upon financial metrics. It is because an Altman score of 1.8 is considered the threshold below which the probability of filing for bankruptcy increases substantially. Whereas, on the other hand, a corporate entity with Z score of 3 or above has low or negligible probability of going bankrupt or filing for insolvency. Therefore, based on the parameters as regards to credit risks it can be construed that the company is likely to display satisfactory levels of solvency during the financial periods. Dividend yield is considered another parameter for taking investment decisions because of the fact that it displays whether the stocks of a particular company are overpriced or not. Hirshleifer, Hsu and Li (2013) mentions that stocks with high dividend yields are overpriced as compared to those having a low degree of dividend yields. Risk averse investors seek investments with low dividend yield thereby at a dividend yield of 1.8% it can be inferred that the stocks of Cochlear are underpriced. However, at dividend of A$ 1.2 for each outstanding share it can be displayed that for investors seeking returns from their investment in Cochlear, the companys stocks are not an attractive proposition. Conclusion and Recommendations: The analysis upon the revenue generating capability of Cochlear Limited shows that at average revenue growth of over 10% the company has efficient operations and sales management. The genre of providing hearing aid solutions has lesser degree of competition for Cochlear globally. The Altman Z score of nearly 3 shows the fact that the company has virtually negligible risks of going bankrupt. Thereby, investors can be advised towards including shares of Cochlear onto their investment portfolio based upon their degree of solvency. Moreover, analysis of the stocks beta, belonging to Cochlear, shows that the beta stands at 1.2 which therefore displays the fact that the companys stocks are subjected to high degree of volatility. Based solely on the beta levels it can be construed that the stocks posses high degree of risks with probability of gaining high degree of returns. Overall, judging by the different sets of parameters it can be concluded that in case of investors seeking lesser degree of risks in their investments Cochlear can be construed as a attractive investment proposition. This is owing to high revenue growth, satisfactory levels of dividend yield and sustainable degree of returns despite a beta of above 1. References and Bibliography: Allen, E.J., Larson, C.R. and Sloan, R.G., 2013. Accrual reversals, earnings and stock returns.Journal of Accounting and Economics,56(1), pp.113-129. (2016). COH:ASE Stock Quote - Cochlear Ltd. [online] Available at: [Accessed 31 Oct. 2016]. (2016). Cochlear Hearing Implants | Official Website | Cochlear International. [online] Available at: [Accessed 31 Oct. 2016]. Fama, E.F. and French, K.R., 2012. Size, value, and momentum in international stock returns.Journal of financial economics,105(3), pp.457-472. (2016). Cochlear Limited: ASX:COH quotes news Google Finance. [online] Available at: [Accessed 31 Oct. 2016]. Hirshleifer, D., Hsu, P.H. and Li, D., 2013. Innovative efficiency and stock returns.Journal of Financial Economics,107(3), pp.632-654. Intelligent Investor. (2016). COH. [online] Available at: [Accessed 31 Oct. 2016]. (2016). Cochlear Ltd, COH:ASX summary - [online] Available at: [Accessed 31 Oct. 2016]. Sorescu, A. and Sorescu, S.M., 2016. Customer Satisfaction and Long-Term Stock Returns.Journal of Marketing,80(5), pp.110-115.

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7 Most Common SAT Math Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

7 Most Common SAT Math Mistakes and How to Avoid Them SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips I spent several years tutoring students in SAT Math, and many found the section frustrating. The first test-takers for the new SAT in March felt the same. Some struggled because they felt their strong suit was English and were irkedby the content, mental math, and the pacing of SAT Math. Others found that although they considered themselvesexcellent math students, they struggled to finish and get the score they want. No matter what group theyfell into, students tended to make the same seven mistakes on the SAT Math section. In this guide, I’ll tell you what those mistakes are, give you examples, and let you know to avoid making these mistakes in the future. Mistake 1: You Didn’t Write Out All of the Steps Some students hate writing out their work for math problems.I know; I'mone of them.Trust me, while SAT Math problems may look simple since they only require you to know basic math topics (i.e. no advanced calculus), these problems are actually quite intricate, requiring you to go through many steps to get the correct answer. If you don’t write out all of these steps, you can accidentally end up with the wrong answer.This is especially important in the non-calculator section where you’re not able to rely on a calculator to help you find the correct answer. Together, we’ll work through this no-calculator SAT Math question and write out all of the steps: To determine what the price per pound of beef was when it was equal to the price per pound of chicken, you need to first find the value of $x$ (the number of weeks after July 1) when the two prices were equal.The prices were equal when $b=c$; that is, when $2.35+0.25x=1.75+0.40x$. $$2.35+0.25x=1.75+0.40x$$ You can find the value of x by reducing. $$2.35(−1.75)+0.25x=1.75(−1.75)+0.40x$$ $$0.6+0.25x=0.40x$$ $$0.6+0.25x(−0.25x)=0.40x(−0.25x)$$ $$0.60=0.15x$$ $$x={0.60}/{0.15}=4$$ Then, to determine b, the price per pound of beef, substitute 4 for $x$ in b=$2.35+0.25x$, which gives $b=2.35+0.25(4)=3.35$ dollars per pound. Therefore, D is the correct answer. When I initially attempted this problem, I didn't write anything down, and I accidentally added 1.75 to 2.35 instead of subtracting 1.75 from 2.35. Therefore, I got the wrong value for $x$, 27.33. Thankfully, when I plugged that into $b=2.35+0.25x$, I found thatmy answer wasn't one of the answer choices, so I caught my mistake. However, I'm lucky because I would have answered incorrectly otherwise. You don't want to miss questions because you didn’t write out all of the steps.This is arguably the easiest mistake to fix.Write out all your steps, and you’ll never accidentally get a question wrong because you skipped a step! Mistake 2: You Forgot Formulas The SAT gives you some formulas at the start of each Math section.However, the College Board doesn’t provide you with all of the formulas you need to know to answer every question in the SAT Math section. Luckily, here at PrepScholar, we’ve created a complete list of all the formulas you need to know for SAT Math.Create flashcards to help you memorize these formulas.However, memorizing alone is not enough.If you have the formulas memorized, but don’t know how to use the formulas, they’re useless to you. The best way to practice using formulas is to do as many SAT Math problems as you can. Let's work through this SAT Math question that you couldn’t answer without knowing formulas and how to apply them: If you didn't have your trigonometry formulas memorized (SOHCAHTOA), you would have no idea how to answer this question. It's impossible to answer this question without at least knowing the formulas for the sine and cosineof an angle. Memorizing formulas is not only necessary to answer certain questions correctly, but it can also be a time-saving shortcut. If you were a formula whiz and knewthe complementary angle relationship for sine and cosine, which is $sin(x °)=cos(90 °Ã¢Ë†â€™x °)$, you'd know immediately that the answer is $cos(90 °Ã¢Ë†â€™x °)={4}/{5}$ or $0.8$. However, if you didn't know that formula, but knew the sine and cosine formulas, you could stillsolve this problem by constructing a diagram using the given information.It’s a right triangle (which it has to be to use sine/cosine), and the sine of angle x is ${4}/{5}$. If $sin(x)={opposite side}/{hypotenuse}$,then the opposite side is 4 long and the hypotenuse is 5 long: Since two of the angles of the triangle are of measure $x$ and 90, the third angle must have the measure $180 °Ã¢Ë†â€™90 °Ã¢Ë†â€™x °=90 °Ã¢Ë†â€™x °$. If we know that $cosine={adjacent side}/{hypotenuse}$, then,using the figure, $cos(90 °Ã¢Ë†â€™x °)={4}/{5}$or $0.8$. SAT Math may make your brain hurt! Mistake 3: You Didn'tKnow Functions Functions are one of the trickiest topics in SAT Math.This is not because they'remore difficult than other topics, but rather students are simplyless familiar with functions than they are with other math concepts.The good news is that you'll easily master functions withpractice and familiarization. Let's work through thisSAT quadratic function question together: To figure outwhich answer choiceis the equation of the graph,you shouldstart by finding the y-intercept. Youcan see in this graph that the y-intercept is 2, which means you can eliminate C and E since C had a y-intercept of -2, and E has no y-intercept. The vertex of the graph is at $x=0$, so the function is not shifted to the right or left of the y-axis. This means that, in your quadratic equation $ax^2+bx+c$, your b value has to be 0. If it were anything other than 0, the graph would be shifted left or right of the y-axis. Let's look at the remaining answer choices, A, B, and D, to see which one had a b=0. A does so that might be the correct answer, but let's rule out B and D. Answer choices B and D are squaring expressions, so let's FOIL them in order to see the equation properly. Answer choice B gives us: $$y=(x+2)^2$$ $$y=(x+2)(x+2)$$ $$y=x^2+2x+2x+4$$ $$y=x^2+4x+4$$ This equation has b=4, not b=0, so it can't be the answer. You can also eliminate D; when foiled, it gives us: $$y=(x−2)^2$$ $$y=(x−2)(x−2)$$ $$y=x^2−4x+4, so b=-4$$ Therefore, A is the correct answer. If you're still struggling, check out our full guide to functions. Remember, you'll master functions with practice, so take as many SAT math practice tests as you can. Want to learn more about the SAT but tired of reading blog articles? Then you'll love our free, SAT prep livestreams. Designed and led by PrepScholar SAT experts, these live video events are a great resource for students and parents looking to learn more about the SAT and SAT prep. Click on the button below to register for one of our livestreams today! Mistake 4: You Panicked atan Unfamiliar Question Format SAT Math problems are often asked in strange waysthat you've never seen in math class. When confronted with these unfamiliar question formats, many students rush to move on to the next question thinking they'll come back to it, or they'll just try to guess the answer.Even though you’ve reviewed all of the math content areas and knew your stuff, you don't think you know how to answer the question. There is no easy solution to this issue.The only way to learn how to approach SAT Math questions is with practice. SAT Math questions are unlike the math questions you’re used to seeingin your math class, so to get familiar with the SAT Math question style, you should take as many practice SAT tests as you can. Let’s work through this convolutedSAT Math problem together: At first glance, this question looks overwhelming with a chart and a large paragraph. Don't let that scare you. Read carefully, and try to identify the important information as you read the question by circling or underling.Ask yourself: What am I solving for? What information am I given? How can I use this given information to find the solution? We're trying to find the probability that a right-handed student selected at random is female. We're told that there are 5 times as many right-handed females as there are left-handed females, and there are 9 times as many right-handed males as there are left-handed males. Also, we know the total number of left-handed students is 18, and the total number of right-handed students is 122. To solve this problem, you need to create a system of equations using two variables ($x$ and $y$) and the information you’re given in the question.Let $x$ be the number of left-handed female students and let $y$ be the number of left-handed male students. Using the information in the question, the number of right-handed female students will be $5x$ (since there are 5 times as many right-hand females as there are left-handed females) and the number of right-handed male students will be $9y$ (since there are 9 times as many right-hand males as there are left-handed males) . Since the total number of left-handed students is 18 and the total number of right-handed students is 122, the system of equations below must be true: $$x+y=18$$ $$5x+9y=122$$ When you solve this system of equations, you get $x=10$ and $y=8$.Thus, 50 of the 122 right-handed students are female.Therefore, the probability that a right-handed student selected at random is female is ${50}/{122}$, which to the nearest thousandth is $0.410$.The final answer is A. Don't run away from a weird question! Mistake 5: You Solved for the Wrong Value Because SAT Math questions can be convoluted, it's sometimes difficult to figure out what the question is asking you, which leads some students to solvefor the wrong value.Take for example this SAT Math question: This question throws a lot of numbers and letters at you. It gives you angle and side measures and mentions a similar triangle. Some students might accidentally solve forthe measure of the sides of DEF. Don't let the numbers and letters distract you. Make sure to identify what you're being asked: what is the valueof$sin F$? To find$sin F$, we need to start with thegiven information: Triangle ABC is a right triangle with right angle B.Therefore, AC is the hypotenuse of right triangle ABC, and AB and BC are the legs of right triangle ABC. According to the Pythagorean theorem, $$AB=√{(20^2)-(16^2)}=√{(400)-(256)}=√{144}=12$$ Since triangle DEF is similar to triangle ABC, with vertex F corresponding to vertex C, the measure of angle F equals the measure of angle C. Therefore, $sinF=sin C$, and $sinF={3}/{5}$.The final answer is ${3}/{5}$or $.6$. This problem has an easy fix: take the time to read the question fully, circle the important information, and make sure you know what you’rebeing asked before you start doing any work. I know you don’t have a lot of time on the SAT Math section (that was one of the chief complaints from the new SAT test-takers), but you need to read each question completely and make sure that you know what you’re being asked.You’ll get better at this with practice. Most SAT Math questions will have an answer choice that will seem correct if you misread the question.I know it’s rude and sneaky; the SAT is trying to tempt you to answer incorrectly.Don’t fall prey to the tricks! Read the question correctly, and you’ll be on the track to get the right answer! Mistake 6: You Used Your Calculator Incorrectly Calculators are both wonderful and horrible.You only get to use your calculator on one part of the SAT Math section, but for that part, you need to use your calculator carefully.When you’re rushing to answer SAT Math problems, you might accidentallytype the wrong number(s) into your calculator, leading you to the wrong answer. This isone of the better mistakes to make. Because if you type the wrong number(s) into your calculator, you’ll likely find no matching answer in the SAT answer choices, andyou’ll realize you made an error.However, even if you catch the error, you’ve still wasted valuable time that you could have been using to answer more SAT Math questions. Moral of the story: take the time to check that you’ve copied the numbers into your calculator correctly before running the calculation. Don't let your calculator become your enemy! Mistake 7: You Didn’t Pace Yourself With only 25 minutes to answer 20 questions in the no-calculator section and only 55 minutes to answer 30 questions in the calculator section, you need to learn to pace yourself.However, not every student should attempt the same pacing. You should plan your pacing based on your target SAT score. In both math sections, the questions progress from easy to hard and then re-set on the grid-in portion from easy to hard. No matter what your target score is, you should always attempt the easier questions: the first half of the multiple choice and grid-ins. If you're aiming for a Math section score above 700,then you're going to need to answer all or almost all of the 58 Math questions. That means you will need to get your pacing under oneminute per question for the easier questions to conserve time for the harder questions. If you're aiming for a Math section score below 700, then you can skip some questions.Focusyour time on trying to answer the easier questions correctly (the beginning questions of the multiple-choice and grid-ins).Consider bubbling in a random letterfor the harder questions since there is nopenalty for guessing. Note: if you use this strategy, make sure that you’re answering enough questions to reachyour target score.No one is perfect, so count on answering a few questions incorrectly. For example, if you’re aiming for 600 in Math, then you shouldattempt at least 45 questions before bubblingin random answers for the other 13 questions. That way, if you answer five of the 45 incorrectly, you can still get 600. Give yourself acushion. To really master yourpacing on the SAT Math section, you need to take a lot of practice tests under realistic testing conditions.For a more in-depth explanation on pacing, check out our guide to help you beat the clock and maximize your SAT math score. What’s Next? Now that you know the most common mistakes on SAT mathmake sure you’re prepared for all of the math topics you'll see on the SAT.All of our math guides will take you through strategies and practice problems for all the topics covered on the math section, from trig to radians, coordinate geometry to systems of equations and much more. Feeling anxious about test day? Make sure you know exactly what to do and bring to ease your mind and settle your nerves before it's time to take your SAT. Angling to get a perfect score? Check out our guide to getting a perfect 800, written by a perfect-scorer. Want to improve your SAT score by 160 points? Check out our best-in-class online SAT prep program. We guarantee your money back if you don't improve your SAT score by 160 points or more. Our program is entirely online, and it customizes what you study to your strengths and weaknesses. If you liked this Math strategy guide, you'll love our program.Along with more detailed lessons, you'll get thousands ofpractice problems organized by individual skills so you learn most effectively. We'll also give you a step-by-step program to follow so you'll never be confused about what to study next. Check out our 5-day free trial:

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Anxiety Disorder What Student Should Know

Anxiety Disorder What Student Should Know Mental Health Issues. Anxiety Stress and anxiety are a common part of life for most people. However, when your anxiety impedes your ability to perform everyday activities and causes immense stress and fear, probably you have a mental disorder. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, it is the most common mental issue that affects 40 million individuals aged over 18. 75% of them experience it before they turn 22. Unfortunately, only one-third of these people seek help. Specialists know about different types of anxiety disorders, such as:Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD): severe one that impedes everyday activities Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD): irrational fears, thoughts, and obsessions that result in compulsions and repetitive behaviors Panic disorder: fearfulness, frequent bouts of panic and terror Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD): alarming symptoms after witnessing a shocking event Social anxiety disorder (SAD): everyday feelings of irrational fear, anxiety, and embarrassmentSymptoms Symptoms of all types of anxiety disorders can be mistaken for stress or other physical ailments. In order to treat them properly, these disorders have to be diagnosed correctly. The common symptoms of anxiety disorders that need attention of a specialist include:Excessive everyday stress Trouble concentrating Fearfulness Irritability Shortness of breath Muscle pains Headaches Frequent diarrhea or upset stomachIn case you regularly experience these symptoms, you should see a specialist in your campus. They will determine how serious is your anxiety and assign a treatment, if necessary. Recognizing The Signs Its essential to timely recognize the symptoms of anxiety in yourself or your friend to implement actions and treat it. Remember: in case your or your friends anxious feelings are brief and occasional, it doesnt necessarily mean an ailment. But if they persist and worsen, the professional help is required. How to Notice Signs of an Anxiety Disorder in a Friend? See if your friend has any of the following signs:Living in a constant fear of failing socially or academically Being extremely anxious and embarrassed in social situations Having difficulty with concentrating Being overwhelmed with stress or guilt Having panic attacks Being unable to cope with a recent tragic eventIn case you see any of these symptoms in your friend, provide him with your support. Talk to him, listen attentively and help find professional assistance. Never criticize or judge him. If your friend doesnt want to seek treatment, consult a specialist yourself to see how you can help. How Do You Notice Signs of an Anxiety Disorder in Yourself? If your anxiety is minor and caused by your exams, probably you dont have to worry. But you have to distinguish the difference and correctly detect the alarming symptoms, such as:Having the symptoms that impede your school and social life Avoiding social activities Having anxiety or troublesome thoughts daily Being riddled with guilt Having irrational fears Experiencing sudden panic attacksIn case you have any of the above mentioned signs, dont hesitate to consult a healthcare provider. Remember that you have to be serious about your mental wellness. Anxiety Resources People who need help in coping with their anxiety disorder might consider the assistance provided by the following organizations:Anxiety and Depression Association of America aims to prevent, treat, and help better understand anxiety and depression; offers special mobile applications for coping with the disorder American Psychological Association aims to benefit society by contributing to the psychological awareness and giving insight into the innovative treatment of anxiety disorders Anxiety Resource Center offers a blog, a large amount of education materials and newsletters to keep you aware of innovations in treatment and prevention of anxiety Social Anxiety Association provides information on the treatment of anxiety, advice on finding a specialist, updates on relevant researches and links to support groups Beyond OCD aims to support individuals who suffer from OCDPersistent anxiety can be an alarming sign. So pay attention to yourself and your friends to get timely help. Remember that your mental health is in your hands.

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Summary Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Summary - Case Study Example The main issues that are addressed as far as the issue of insurance is concerned are the aspects of provision of healthcare especially on the emergency department and the provision of emergency services. This research established that up to 40% decline in the emergency department visits as well as a 61% decrease in the inpatient admissions was attributable to the lack of insurance cover. This paper borrows from other research work in order to establish credibility and coherence with the findings from other works. Some of the findings have indicated that up to a quarter of all the young adults in the United States were confronted with lack of health insurance at this stage. The use of healthcare facilities has also been strongly linked with the subscription to medical insurance services. The individuals that have the cover have the highest propensity to consume health services. This means that the unsecured would have adopted a different healthcare scheme if they had a healthcare insurance cover. This paper explores the quasi-experimental status that results to variations in the status of insurance services depending on the strategies that are utilized by the insurers in ensuring that the dependents are eligible for the insurance services. The research to establish these variations was based on records obtained from California, Arizona, Iowa, New Jersey, and Wisconsi n for the emergency department. On the other hand, the records for hospital admission were obtained from hospitals in the above areas plus also Texas. In the attempt to establish the health insurance variations, data was gathered from various centers. This data was mainly obtained from the National Health Interview Survey, the inpatient hospitalization records, and administrative records relating to emergency department records. The obtained data was related to a model in order to demonstrate the relationship between the utilization of care and the provision of health insurance. The model